Tough Talks - COVID

Tough Talks COVID’s goal is to adapt and test the efficacy of Tough Talk’s COVID app. The app uses activities, videos, choose-your-own adventure stories to inform vaccine hesitant youth within the African American community. The app is intended to help African American youth to learn more about the COVID vaccine, so they can make an informed decision about receiving the vaccine.

The app will consist of animated videos, choose-your-own-adventure, personal accounts from other youth, and more to teach participants about the COVID vaccine. We are recruiting African American youth (18-29) in North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia to be part of this study.

Study Team: Zach Soberano
Principal Investigators: Lisa Hightow-Weidman MD, MPH and Henna Budhwani PhD, MPH
Technology Partner: Virtually Better, Inc. | Website
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