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Innovations in Digital Health Strategies for Engaging Youth in HIV Treatment and Prevention | UNC CFAR Friday Morning Conference Series 

Innovations in Digital Health Strategies for Engaging Youth in HIV Treatment and Prevention | UCLA HIV Grand Rounds

HIV Prevention Research Intersections Across the Lifespan (from a domestic perspective, with a special focus on youth | The Impact of NIH HIV/AIDS Research and Discovery at the intersection of Prevention, Treatment and Disparities across the Lifespan | AIDS 2020 Virtual

Adolescents, HIV, and PrEP | The Simply Speaking HIV Prevention Lecture Series, May 2020 | Practice Point CME

Making Prevention Work for YMSM: Bridging Real-World Needs Through Digital Engagement | CROI 2019



Digital Health Interventions to Innovate and Inspire in Healthcare | FSU Faculty Forward Podcast | 2024

“Here's how university health centers are ‘adopting’ households to fight health disparities.” | USA Today | 2022

“Clinical Research Update on Resilience and Optimism during HIV Care.” | American Academy of HIV Medicine | 2022

"Study finds Nevada’s overall vaccination rate as one of nation’s worst.” | Nevada Sun | 2021

“Where Colorado ranks to the rest of the U.S. in Vaccination Numbers.” | Cool 107.9 (Radio) | 2021

“‘There are no microchips’: What to do about delta, kids, vaccines and misinformation.” | Reckon South | 2021

“With Delta surging, America is dangerously divided over vaccines.” | Los Angeles Times (LA Times) | 2021

“The Threat of an Unvaccinated South.” | The Atlantic | 2021

“Different politics, same doubts: Why African Americans and conservatives in Alabama have low vaccination rates.” | AL.com | 2021

“Challenging Assumptions about the Use of Contraception by U.S. Muslim Women.” | Social Work Helper | 2021

“2021's States that Vaccinate the Most.” | WalletHub | 2021

“NIMHD Funds Vaccine Hesitancy Research With a Focus on COVID-19.” | National Institutes of Health (NIH). 2021.  

"UAB Launches mHealth Study to Boost Vaccine Acceptance Among Teens.” | mHealth Intelligence | 2020

“Increasing care access with healthtech innovation.” | MotionMobs | 2020

"Beyond the physical damage: #COVID-19 survivors talk about social stigma.” | American Heart Association (AHA) | 2020

“Interview: Dr. Henna Budhwani On Her $900,000 NIMH Research Grant.” | HayatLife Magazine | 2019

Carolina’s faculty’s mobile gaming app enhances HIV care | The Well | 2021

There’s An App for That | Confronting the HIV Epidemic: Episode 2 | Medscape Video | 2020

Not Okay | Confronting the HIV Epidemic: Episode 1 | Medscape Video | 2020

“Is There an Optimal Age at Which to Disclose HIV-Positive Status to Youth? Study Says Yes.” | AJMC News Room | 2020

“Healthy Choices Intervention is Associated with Reductions in Stigma Among Youth Living with HIV in the United States (ATN 129).” | Physician’s Weekly | 2020

“Magic City Newsmakers.” | Birmingham Business Journal | 2020.

PrEP? There’s an App for That | HIV.gov | 2018

Vu Q&A: Dr. Lisa Hightow-Weidman on the Power of Mobile Health for Youth & HIV | AIDSVu

Well Said: The UNC Behavior and Technology Lab | UNC Communications | 2018

A Bookworm Turned HIV Specialist, Meet Dr. Lisa Hightow-Weidman | WUNC 91.5 | 2017

"Muslim Women’s Experiences with Stigma, Discrimination and Abuse Are Associated with Depression in America." | Newswire | 2017

“Women’s Fund to honor 11 women at Smart Party 6.0.” | Birmingham Business Journal | 2017

“American Muslim Women Report Depression Linked to Internalized Stigma, Physical and Sexual Abuse.” | Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Press Release | 2017

“The Compassion Experience: A Virtual Exhibit on Global Poverty.” | WBHM NPR (Radio) | 2016

"Controversial ISIS Coloring Book Reaches Vestavia Home.” | WBHM NPR (Radio) | 2015

“UAB Student, Iraq Vet Hopes to Help Feed Black Belt with Aquaponics.” WBHM NPR (Radio) (Cited) | 2015 

“A stable energy source is vital in alleviating issues in impoverished countries.” | AL.com | Invited Op Ed. | 2014